Power of the Pen 2019 Winners

2019 Power of the Pen Winners

HAALSA Young Poet's Award: Sue Lee: Girl in a Tree

Maitland Banting Silver Quill Award: Nicola Lawford: Bangkok Underwater


List of Awardees: 


Age 12

1st    Leyna Rebecca Burke, I Still Remember

2nd   Izak Vonk, My Favourite Sport

Honourable Mention: Hridya Rajesh, Alone in the Spotlight

Age 13

1st    Ava Feir, Cracked Heart

2nd   Beatrix Volcansek, Rain

Honourable Mention: Trinady Michelle Miller, Everything; Helen Lu, Aren't We All Hungry For Something

Age 14

1st   Ariane Heenan, The Lake

2nd   Kezia Hart, I ate alone at lunch today

Age 15

1st    Nour Elbadan, An Ode to Existence

2nd   Illyria Volcansek, Chemically Combined: a love story of two hydrogen atoms

Honourable Mentions:  Vanessa Koens, A Place Unknown; Ellie Shimizu, Ode to Silence 

Age 16

1st    Anne Fu, to come home

2nd   Sue Lee, Girl in a Tree

Honourable Mentions: Saieda Muntaha, starry sky boy, and the makings of (his) life

Age 17

1st     Rachel Reid, The Personal Poems of Aliana Charon

2nd   Kaitlyn Lewis, fighting familiarity

Honourable Mentions: Mikaela Hart, Decresendo

Age 18

1st  Nicola Lawford, Your body (they can't own the sky)

2nd   Iqra Irfan, Hourglass


Poetry (French)

1st    Illyria Volcansek, Ce Que Je vois


Short Story

Age 12

1st    Maia Whitman, Death

2nd   Claire Weingartner, My Little Book of Monsters

Honourable Mentions: Hayley Vos, Trentacinque Giorni; Abigail Conley, The Air in My Lungs

Age 13

1st    Olivia Gringhuis, The Singer

2nd   Eden Wiebenga, A Story From A Filles du Roi

Honourable Mentions: Caleb Brand, A Young Patriot

Age 14

1st    Sarah Reid, Agnes

2nd   Nakeita Vanderboom, The Girl and his Ghost

Honourable Mentions: Paul (Kyum) Lee, Why We Change

Age  15

1st    Simon Versteeg, Goat Eyes

2nd   Samantha Potts, Meet Your Heroes

Honourable Mentions:  Vanessa Koens, Eye of the Beholder; Samantha Hounsome, the magic in your veins, in your brain

Age 16

1st    Andrea Hernandez, Imelda's Pocong

2nd   Thomas Lawford, The Wisdom of the Waterfall

Honourable Mentions: Mara Ribaudo-Begin, Autumn Day; Rebekah Young, Desolation; Kristen Vankampen, The MacDonald Murder

Age 17  

1st    Mikaela Hart, Hiraeth

2nd   Jordyn Byers, The House on the Shoreline

Honourable Mentions: Rachel Reid, The Mail Line; Lauren Martin, Mirrors Don't Lie

Age 18

1st    Nicola Lawford, Bangkok Underwater

2nd   Rochelle Rosales, I Know You

Honourable Mentions: Viva Favour, Next of Kin


Short Story (French)

1st    Victoria Trieu, L'enfrance


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