Power of the Pen 2018 Winners

Power of the Pen Creative Writing Contest logo2018 Power of the Pen Winners

HAALSA Young Poet's Award: Mikaela Hart, The Star-Girl  & Illyria Volcansek, Modern Butterflies

Maitland Banting Silver Quill Award: Samantha Potts, Kate Walks Into a Bar


List of Awardees: 


Age 12

1st    Olivia A. Gringhuis, The Night

2nd   Helen Lu, Sunset

Honourable Mention: Bohmie Song, Okay

Age 13

1st    Kezia Hart, They Call

2nd   Sarah Reid, And Yet They Call This Peace

Age 14

1st   Illyria Volcansek, Modern Butterflies

2nd   Abbey Hanson, Vacant Dreamer

Honourable Mention: Vanessa Koens, Chérie en France

Age 15

1st    Sarah August, Back From 10

2nd   Grace McNamara, When Songbirds Can't Sing 

Honourable Mentions: Saieda Muntaha Begum, You Wrote: Hamilton-Inspired Poem; Sue Lee, Quiet Observer of Rising Light; Daisy Li, Castle of Hope & Mara Ribaudo-Begin, Time  Goes On. 

Age 16

1st    Mikaela Hart, The Star-Girl

2nd   Ramona Ribaudo-Begin, What Do I Remember

Honourable Mentions: Maeve Jenkinson, Art for Those who Can't Afford It

Age 17

1st     Nicola Lawford, three-part poem form august

2nd   Iris Wang, Colours of War - A Tribute to the Veterans

Honourable Mentions: Reem Balousha, Shattered Dreams and Hopeless Teens & Warisha Rehman, Breaking News

Age 18

1st  Lisa Watts, you; a bleeding bird

2nd   Nicki Startek, Puddles

Honourable Mentions: Hannah T. Rosales, behind the bookshelf & Kendra Zhang, The Art of Washing the Dishes


Short Fiction

Age 12

1st    Olivia A. Gringhuis, On Enemy Ground

2nd   Ifeoluwa Aderibigbe, Kirra's Story

Honourable Mentions: Alice Kayser, Mrs. Fresco's Flower Shop; Helen Lu, June and July & Karlyn Wildeboer, The Schoolmaster's Secret.

Age 13

1st    Paul Kyum Lee, Giant

2nd   Sarah Reid, Dalson on the Run 

Honourable Mentions: Sofia Pimenta, Monster Star Hunter; Timothy Mantel, The Life I Live & Nikki Vanderboom, River of Tears.

Age 14

1st    Samantha Potts, Kate Walks Into a Bar

2nd   Jocelyn Mattka, The Boat

Honourable Mentions: Madison Barlow, Clownfish; Kaushihan Ahilan, Listen Closely; Samantha Hounsome, All that is Gold Does Not Glitter & Alice Zheng, Whispers from Paradise.

Age  15

1st    Rebekah Young, Winds of Change

2nd   Nicola Dodds, First Impressions

Honourable Mentions:  Kristen Van Kampen, Over; Sonya Pallapothu, November 2 & Ben Wighall, Through a New Lense.

Age 16

1st    Maeve Jenkinson, 15 Minutes

2nd   Ramona Ribaudo-Begin, War Letters

Honourable Mentions: Anne Clock, There's a Leak in the Ceiling & Rachel Reid, Simple Things

Age 17  

1st    Sawyer Berkelaar, Maye

2nd   Nicola Lawford, Saturday Morning Phone Call to Jordan 

Age 18

1st    Oussama Badran, A Day in the Life of a Lebanese Street Rat

2nd   Nickie Startek, Vintage Space 

Honourable Mentions: Sarah Derikx, Hero


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