Power of the Pen 2017 Winners

Power of the Pen Creative Writing Contest logo2017 Power of the Pen Winners

HAALSA Young Poet's Award: Nuri Song, Alpha Centauri

Maitland Banting Silver Quill Award: Lili Simpson, The Jungle


NEW French Language Winners: 

Poetry: Rachel Faith Majpruz, Mon Chalet

Short Fiction: Heather Beaudin, Coincé entre confort et le cœur


List of Awardees: 


Age 12

1st    Sofia DiGiacomo, Go Forth

2nd   Sarah A. Reid, Darkness

Honourable Mention: Whitney Yin, Time

Age 13

1st    Olivia Lanc, Two Sides of the Story

2nd   Abbey Hanson, The Impossible

Age 14

1st   Anne Fu, Nothing to Me

2nd   Sue Lee, A Clear, Soft Cloud

Honourable Mention: Lily-Mae Peters, Robots & Thomas Lawford, What I remember from the War

Age 15

1st    Jennifer Chen, Home

2nd   Maeve June Jenkinson, If I were a Goldfish

Honourable Mentions: Laura Elgersma, Too Soon & Ummay Rahman, Brushstroke Breaths

Age 16

1st    Penelope Winter, Harmony

2nd   Michael M. Raczkowski, The Lynx Hunts Silently

Honourable Mentions: Rochelle Rosales, late bloom & Kyla Dowling, Long Live the King

Age 17

1st     Shannon V. Buck, The People Under the Sun

2nd   Sarah Derikx, Always

Honourable Mentions: Renne Picado, Night Life & Ava Rahimpur, Ciggy

Age 18

1st   Nuri Song, Alpha Centauri

2nd   Jennifer Guan, Moth

Honourable Mentions: Masooma Zaidi, Hand, Rachel Farraway, Expectations & Katherine Kim, Telalgia


Short Fiction

Age 12

1st    Paul Lee, Though They Took Yours

2nd   Natasha Lawford, Haunted by Friendship

Honourable Mentions: Sarah A. Reid, Trouble Through Time

Age 13

1st    Samantha, Hounsome, Reset

2nd   Lauryn Arcega, I Fought

Honourable Mentions: Kaylee Ann Borreggine, The Portal, Alexia Tudose, Hope, Chibueze Ugobi, Account of an Acadian, Claire Wiebenga, Laura's Journey & Charlotte, Expelled from Happiness

Age 14

1st    Daisy Li, Still Haven't Forgotten

2nd   Zakwan Ahmed, Between the Crosses, Row on Row

Honourable Mentions: Sonya Pallapothu, Me, Introspectively & Ben Wignall, Conscript

Age  15

1st    Leena Aung, in the arms of an angel

2nd   Maeve June Jenkinson, A Letter to Sadie

Honourable Mentions:  Megan Lefler, My Name is Sky & Mikaela Hart, The Roses

Age 16

1st    Nicola Lawford, Walls

2nd   Lili Simpson, The Jungle

Honourable Mentions: Alexander Thomas Hills Shea, Uncertainty

Age 17  

1st    Talar Stockton, The Flowering Boy

2nd   Averi Augier, A Person I Remember

Honourable Mentions:  Hannah T. Rosales, Lemonade & Ashley Li, Turn

Age 18

1st    Sylvia Dobosz, Seven Billion

2nd   Rosie Swenor, The First Priestess

Honourable Mentions: Jennifer Guan, The Cairo Journey & Nuri Song, Lake Day


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