Power of the Pen 2016 Winners

Power of the Pen Creative Writing Contest logo2016 Power of the Pen Winners

The Awards Gala was held at the Central Library on Friday, January 20, 2017. 

List of Awardees: 

Maitland Banting Silver Quill Award – Best Short Fiction

A Detailed Account of a Girl Who Loved a Boy, Among Other Things by Nicola Lawford

Honourable Mentions:  

An Acadian Tale by Julie Shadd

Toolboxes and Telephones by Hannah T. Rosales

The Hamilton Association Young Poet Award

2016 Co-Winners

Recording by Maeve Jenkinson

A poem for no one who wants to read it by Rachel Turner



Age 12

1st    The Spirit of Youth by Anne Fu 

2nd   Carrie Malkin - I'll hide, from you, from everything by Carrie Malkin 

Honourable Mentions: Sickness and Health by Corinna Keift & The Golden Touch by Matthew Van Raalte

Age 13

1st    The Deal With Wishes by Hannah Long 

2nd   Your Night, My Light by Saieda Muntaha Begum 

Age 14

1st    Recording by Maeve Jenkinson 

2nd   Mind of Mine by Rochelle Rosales

Age 15

1st    Nobody Knows Me  by NIcola Lawford 

2nd   White Noise by Kyla Dowling

Honourable Mentions: Youth by Meaghan Flokstra & The Glurkin is Lurkin  by Sawyer Berkelaar

Age 16

1st    Any One by Ava Rahimpiur 

2nd   Ruth Masuka - Strange Fruit by Ruth Masuka

Honourable Mentions: Perdoname Pania by Kaylie Mitchell & Words by Sarah Derikx

Age 17

1st     They is (not) Aliens by Sarah Williams-Habibi

2nd   Cottage by Katherine Kim 

Honourable Mentions: Schizophrenia by Juan Carlos Ramirez; Sleep by Srinidhi Shaw & Shallow as My Surface, Deep as My Entirety  by MIranda Stirling 

Age 18

1st   A poem for no one who wants to read it by Rachel Turner

2nd   Obsessive and Intrusive by Emily Makischuk 


Short Fiction

Age 12

1st    Broken Silence by Sadhana Jeyakumar 

2nd   Live Your Life You're Lucky: Some Aren't Here by Katarina Derikx 

Honourable Mentions: Good Mourning by Carrie Malkin ; A Better Future by Ruth Ann Bos; Amonth Ashes by Lily-Mae Peters & Hijacked by Evan Thackeray 

Age 13

1st    Sapling of Wind Shore by Sue Lee

2nd   An Acadian Tale by Julie Shadd

Honourable Mentions: Missing Constance by Clara Rakovac ; The Princess and the Unicorn by Kristen Van Kampen; fearless by Raymond Chen; The Unforgettable Journey by Hannah Whetstone & The Message for Fitzgibbon by Katlin Wiersma 

Age 14

1st    The Sound of Bells by Kate Lewis

2nd   Triggered by Leena Aung

Honourable Mentions: Begin, Endangered Species by Ramon RIbaudo & Re-emergence by Maeve jenkinson

Age  15

1st    A Detailed Account of a Girl Who Loved a Boy, Among Other Things by NIcola Lawford

2nd   A Collection of Letters by Meaghan Flokstra

Honurable Mentions:  Sham by Lian Attily; Heroine of 1812 by Katie Pe & The Dream Jumper by Alex Kouroukis

Age 16

1st    Toolboxes and Telephones by Hannah T. Rosales

2nd   The Trade by Claire Amadio 

Honourable Mentions: She Was a Dance by Averi Augier; My Part  by Sarah Derikx & Sometimes by Elizabeth Page  

Age 17  

1st    5/23/16 by Katherine Kim 

2nd   A Love Story by Moboluwajidide Joseph

Honourable Mentions:  The Magic of the Moon by Stefenie Krezevic & A Reluctant Dove by Sylvia Dobosz

Age 18

1st    A Cure for a Virgin Mind by Portia WItte 

2nd   Some story about spaghetti by Rachel Turner

Honourable Mentions: Blurred Lines by Hailey MacLeod


If you wish to read the winning entries, they are available here.

For previous years, plese visit the Local History & Archives Department at the 3rd floor of the Central Library



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