Hamilton's Next Top Novel

Every summer we pick six teen books to compete to be Hamilton Public Library's Next Top Novel. 

Update, August 8: Never Always Sometimes... is never going to be Hamilton's Next Top Novel! With the least amount of votes, it didn't make the cut. Keep your votes coming!

Last year, The Darkest Part of the Forest emerged the victor as the top novel. This year, we have the titles of the books vying for the title of Hamilton Public Library's Next Top Novel.

Every week during the summer you choose which title gets voted off until only one remains.  Only one novel comes out on top...YOU decide! 

Cast your vote now and tell us which title should be Hamilton's Top Novel!

We are also launching a photography contest for this year's Top Novels, show your love for your favourite novel and submit your entry here

All these titles are available as Bestseller Express items, so pick one up now.

book cover of The Farmerettes book cover of Magonia with a red x cover of never always sometimes cover of not if i see you firstcover of the rest of us just live herecover of these shallow graves

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